Towards achieving our vision

Journey of Hauna

First step


Focus: Strengthen phonic skills and initiate activity based learning in 9 schools

Millat Conclave


-Sharing of best practices from 8 schools.

-Outcome based report cards.

- The term ‘Hauna’ was coined.

Hauna Curriculum framework



-Full time research towards developing a system.

-Textbooks development.

-Development of training program.


16 schools.

1700 students

Way forward


-Induction of new schools.

-Hauna program assessment.


Hauna Research Team

Support systems at Hauna

HUDA printed on a rocket depicts Humanities ready to shoot into space with all the skills required to fulfill their responsibilities as
Allah’s vicegerent on this Earth. The skills and values that are developed at Huda
will In sha Allah help
achieve success in both
the worlds.

Our Logo

It depicts the world
(in form of globe) in
which the HUDA movement (sun) is arising to spread
the life, education and environment of Madina-tuln Munawwarah (represented by
Date tree). We have based this on the verse of holy Quran

We are Caring

We care for each other

We are Respectful

We respect Our Teachers our parents and our friends.

Golden Rules

We Speak Softly

We do not use the language that offends others

We are helpful

We help others

We listen to others

We don’t interrupt

We are Honest

We don’t cover up the truth

We keep Our Hands to Overselfes

We do not hit/push others

We are Good Communicators

We discuss our problems with our teachers

We Work Hard

We don’t waste our own time or other’s time

We Look after School Property

We don’t waste or damage things we keep our classroom clean

We love to work together as team

We share our ideas and work together.

We Follow the Sunnah of Prophet(S.A.W)

We don’t do anything which goes against the shariah.

We Walk smartly

We don’t push each other in corridors



Contact Us

Address: #221, NP Factory Road, Opposite Darul Uloom Sayadiya, RT Nagar, Post, Kaval Bairasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560032

Phone: 090351 01022